Terms and Conditions
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Pop and Sweet Company B.V. - Connecting manufacturers with the market
Our main objective is to achieve the target of all parties.
Pop & Sweet represents various manufacturers in- and outside Europe.

Selling their products in various markets in the world. Take a look at our portfolio to view our manufacuturers.

  • P&S has over 30 years of experience in confectionery
  • P&S was earlier in the management of distribution, marketing and sales companies in the Benelux and Scandinavia
Pop & Sweet is working according to the following scenarios:
  • As an exclusive agent for certain markets
  • On a project base
  • Asisisting retailers and manufacturers in sourcing on request
Support & Services
  • Developing private labels
  • Creating packaging
  • Providing marketing and promotion
  • Organising logistics
Terms and Conditions

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